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About JJ
Jignesh Jhaveri Portrait 5 LR _DSC1467.jpg

Jignesh Jhaveri is an advertising photographer turned director of photography.


With over twenty years of experience creating assets and multiple national and international awards, he is a thorough professional and proven resource to create high quality visuals.


With a focus on complex projects, often working closely with craft, cgi and vfx teams - you can rely on JJ to help bring your vision to life. An early adopter of technology, you'll often be surprised with new approaches that are visually stunning, save time and optimise production budgets.

Custom built solutions, motion control, vfx, highly efficient lighting, rigs and speciality models are some of the fun things JJ likes to employ in delivering new visual solutions.

Highly experienced working with green screen, virtual production, unreal engine, blending live action with cgi and vfx, beauty and table top.

Showreel of award winning cinematography by DOP Jignesh Jhaveri - High Speed, Slow Motion, VFX, CGI, Unreal Engine, Virtual Production, Beauty, Tabletop and more..

Behind the Camera

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